Friday, 4 February 2011

Signs of spring

On the table by the window stands an azure jug ,full of bright mimosa; it's perfume fills the room, with a heady scent even stronger than that of the lemon trees.
Mimosa...When I was a child, my mother often rented an old villa in Antibes; and the smell of Mimosa puts me back on the swing in that meadow of long ago; delighted by the luxury of warm sunshine; as if spring and winter had stolen the summer and dropped it in my lap as a present.
Here in the Vendée, the little town of Le Jard sur Mer, will soon have a flourishing Mimosa tree in almost every garden; but here in our meadow; I am expectant; longing to see the result of my Autumn plantings of spring bulbs.
'Let me know when you are taking the dog for a walk'I would say, having found out that an unruly puppy happened to think that I had been hiding these gobbleable surprises in a lovely game; just for him.
The siamese cats are mousing again, and even in the recent cold spell have been venturing out, sniffing the air, and trying out a pounce or two.
Now and again we hear the midnight pitter patter under the eaves, and our feline hunters are stretching their necks and widening their eyes; attempting to climb to the very top of bookcases and dressers; desperate to get upstairs into the studio; a territory which had become forbidden; as the male cat had decided to spray;hitting one of my canvasses, and narrowly missing the precious technology in the room below.
He will be less threatened now by Doggum;who woozy from anaesthetic, is sporting an enormous blue plastic collar, necessary protection from irritated canine claws and teeth, as he has been to have 'the snip'.
Aspects of Doggum's life were becoming too exciting; my socks and hands in woolen gloves; Master dressed in lumberjack clothes and boots ,arose passions; as did chasing the beautiful Beauceron bitch down the lane.
'Capri,c'est fini'(as the french pop song goes); there will be no unwanted puppies in this hamlet.
Occasionally, the male siamese has given the dog a serious telling off,staring at him with saphire blue rage as he mianders across the floor; stopping for a few seconds before returning to give Doggum another siamese earful, as if to say:
'And another thing; I'm older than you, so why don't you just damn well grow up!';but Doggum would persist; nosing the little cream female around the room in clumsy courtship; just like Bottom the weaver and Titania; whilst a furious chocolate point Auberon looked on in disdain.
As the dog recovers, he seems just as pushy;persistently attempting to climb on Master's knee; untill the 'enforcer' is called.
Yes, in cold weather; despite a roaring log fire;we have often been too close for comfort...
'Are all the members of the little playgroop getting on well together?'I woul ask; secretly longing for the days when the entire house is open; and the warm air is breathing in from the meadow.

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